Team America v.s. Team Rest of World

Eligible players:

Team AmericaEdit

Team Rest of WorldEdit


  • Time settings: 10:00 main time, three periods of 1 minute byo-yomi.
  • Komi handicap settings: See komi rules.


Players 1st Round 2nd Round
Hestler 2k Winner Winner
koestl 8k
Sprek 3k Winner
pwpw 5k

Rest of WorldEdit

Players 1st Round
patrickyu 1k Winner
yumi17 5k
lovely 3k Winner
Darceh 4k


  • Time settings: 25:00 main times, five periods of 30 second byo-yomi.
  • Komi/handicap settings: See komi rules.

Game 1Edit

Game 2Edit

Game 3Edit

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