May 19Edit

I decided to change up the rules a bit. Since oiseaux is an amazing cool guy, I did the same thing with his games that I did with Sir Peantoo, Lord of the Gay's so yumi17 wouldn't lose his win. I also changed the playoff spots so that everyone remaining would qualify for the Super League and play in a 8-player knockout.

I also created the ITGO Cup. The original intention for the first edition was to have players placed 5th-9th in the First League and 1st-4th in the Second League. Since I had to expand the Super League this edition, the ITGO Cup I will be just a 4-player knockout of Second League players.

Unfortunately, I'm going to have to start scheduling stuff next edition. Not strict scheduling, but this is what I mean:

  • First week - Play each player in your league once (4 games; the league will be split into two groups of five, should we have that many participants). If you and a opponent who have already played once and want to play again, then please do so. This will shorten the amount of games you will have to play next week.
  • Second week - Play each player in your league again (4 games). If you have failed to play an opponent for a second time by the end of this week, the unplayed match will count as -2 points for both parties.
  • ---End of league play---
  • Third week - Those who qualify for the Super League will play one match against their seeded opponent. Those who qualify for the ITGO Cup will play a match against their opponent. Should they win their first round match, they will play their second round match in the same week. The relegation playoff is also played this week. If not, it will be played the following week.
  • Fourth week - Those who qualify for the ITGO League Final will complete their 3 game series. Those who have qualified for the ITGO Cup Final will play their match.

I don't want to push people to play games, but I also don't want this to drag on forever because some players have played a lot of games and now have to wait for the others. This way, a league participant in the First League will play at least 8 games and at most 12 games. This will help expedite things, especially compared to the 20 league matches + playoffs I originally thought of.